I grew up in a small, rural Southern town on a 24-acre farm. The characters in books were my friends. I solved mysteries, traveled the world, got into all kinds of scrapes, and fell in and out of love with these friends. Without a book waiting to be picked up, I felt incomplete. I still feel this way.

I wrote my own stories too. I dreamed of having them published and giving others the same magical experiences I found in books. But, like many dreams, they got lost in the business of life, set aside for another day, though still tucked away in the back of my mind. My life path brought me to Minnesota where I worked, met my husband and fell in love, obtained an MBA in marketing, had two children (now adults), and came full circle back to my dream of writing.

Now I write like I used to read – under the covers, at the table, and when I’m ignoring chores. My buddy Jax doesn’t seem to mind and is always willing to accompany me when I need an inspirational walk.

I am a member of SCBWI and have taken many master classes through the Loft Literary Center. I hope you enjoy the essays and short stories I’ve included on this site. If you are an agent or editor and would like to see my picture book manuscripts or have a discussion please contact me here.